Yang Hongjun went to Xinjiang Pangyuan Company for research and guidance
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Yang Hongjun and his party went to Xinjiang Pangyuan Company for research and guidance

On July 20, Yang Hongjun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Yang Juan, Chief Financial Officer, and Liu Difang, Chief Engineer, went to Xinjiang Pangyuan Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. to investigate and guide the work.

Yang Hongjun and his party went to Xinjiang Pangyuan Company for research and guidance

Yang Hongjun and his party went to Xinjiang Pangyuan Company for research and guidance

After entering the Xinjiang Pangyuan operation base, accompanied by Qin Ganchen, the executive director and general manager of Xinjiang Pangyuan, Yang Hongjun and his party went deep into the office area, remanufacturing workshop, and factory area, and learned about the company's development, base construction, and company management in Xinjiang Pangyuan. and future development plans, and focused on the detailed understanding of the remanufacturing workshop production process, trial operation, and difficulties and problems encountered.


At the symposium attended by all the management personnel, Huang Wei, deputy general manager of Xinjiang Pangyuan, Yang Haoxiang, assistant to the general manager, and the heads of various departments respectively gave the company's overall development status and operation, technology, safety production, material management, human resources, financial management. , remanufacturing business and other aspects of the work were reported.

After listening to the report, Yang Hongjun fully affirmed the achievements made by Xinjiang Pangyuan in Xinjiang in recent years and the reports with clear work ideas and clear development directions of various departments. He also pointed out that Xinjiang, with its vast territory and special geographical location, is the "bridgehead" of the "Belt and Road". Xinjiang Pangyuan should earnestly study the spirit of the important speeches given by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection in Xinjiang, and actively give full play to its location and management advantages, and become the "bridgehead" for the joint-stock company to go to the Central Asian market, develop the Xinjiang market well, and plan to go abroad as soon as possible. 、Explore the markets of neighboring countries and make due contributions to the implementation of the internationalization strategy of the joint-stock company. At the same time, we must attach great importance to the production and operation work after the base is put into operation, learn from the good experience and good practices of other subsidiaries, and form production capacity as soon as possible, not only to meet our own needs, but also to expand external users, so that the advantages of the equipment leasing + remanufacturing model can be realized. Bring it into play as soon as possible, and make Xinjiang Pangyuan's development leap to a new level.

In the end, Qin Qianchen, on behalf of Xinjiang Pangyuan, thanked the leaders of the joint-stock company for their encouragement and encouragement to Xinjiang Pangyuan, and said that he would further sort out and clarify work ideas, identify problems and shortcomings, highlight work priorities, refine work measures, and pay close attention to implementation. Make a real move, work hard, and strive to hand in a qualified answer sheet for the high-quality development of the enterprise.