Good news: SCMC won the Shaanxi Province Science and technology Progress Award
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On April 10, Shaanxi Provincial People's Government announced the science and technology award list of Shaanxi Province in 2023, and the project of "600-ton meter tower crane technology research and application" of SCMC won the third prize of Science and Technology Progress of Shaanxi Province in 2023


600 tons of meter tower crane is SCMC to the national " much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning outline and national ministry of green environmental protection, safety and efficiency, energy saving and consumption development demand, combined with shaanxi intelligent equipment manufacturing pursued beyond strategy, to meet the prefabricated construction of large tower crane safety intelligent, green efficient construction needs, joint xi'an building university of science and technology, Wuhan port di technology co., LTD. Take the lead in domestic research and development of large flat head tower crane. The rated lifting torque of the equipment is 600 tons of meters, with the maximum working range of 85 meters, the independent height of 82 meters, and the maximum lifting weight of 32 tons.

Project around the tower crane smooth running industry technical problems, carried out the structure of rigid flexible coupling dynamic control technology and theoretical research, the high stability tower structure, positioning, with suspension, crane rebound technology innovation has made substantial achievements, enhance the safety performance of the tower crane, greatly improve the operation efficiency, greatly improve the construction way, reduce the user cost and labor cost.

The project research application to fill the shaanxi region manufacturing large, high-end, intelligent tower crane blank, has four authorized invention patents, other authorized patents 21, project technical level by the China machinery industry federation expert group appraisal as the international advanced level, has won the first prize of science and technology progress, "shaanxi industrial products", construction industry influence products and so on many honors.