Shaanxi Construction Machinery held a business analysis meeting in April 2024
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On May 1, Shaanxi Construction Machinery held a business work analysis meeting in April 2024, and senior management leaders such as Party Secretary and Chairman Yang Hongjun, vice chairman and General manager Chai Zhaoyi, executive directors of subsidiaries and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting.

The meeting discussed the company's operation in the first four months and the progress of key work throughout the year, analyzed and judged the follow-up development trend of the industry, and arranged the key work in the next step.

The meeting pointed out that at present, the internal and external environment facing domestic economic development is complex and changeable, and the uncertainty has increased significantly, and the survival and development of the construction machinery industry in which the company is located has endured severe market tests.

The meeting required that in order to further respond to market challenges, the company should rely on its own competitive advantages, continue to increase the scope of cooperation with central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, strengthen internal cooperation of group companies, expand cooperation areas, standardize business processes, and create a "new pattern" of collaborative development. In addition to the deep cultivation of customers, we actively "target" other business markets such as new infrastructure, industrial and public facilities to make up for the business gap caused by the decline in real estate business. We must firmly adhere to the business philosophy of "all staff orders" and the concentration of "major customer strategy", improve market sensitivity, and strive to enhance market competitiveness.

The meeting stressed the need to continue to do a good job in investment compliance, cost management, loss management, risk prevention and control. It is necessary to establish a sense of cost control from the top down, resolutely implement the requirements of unified fund management of subsidiaries, and further reduce non-productive expenditures; It is necessary to strengthen the project budget, continue to carry out the work of receivable debt settlement, strictly prevent the risk of project investment and output inversion, analyze the market rules with systematic thinking in the process of production and operation, and calculate each business economic account; We will intensify efforts to dispose idle equipment and further revitalize existing fixed assets. It is necessary to fully study and judge the issuance policies and new requirements of the capital market, and accelerate the implementation of the private placement of additional shares.