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PY Rental
Shanghai Pangyuan Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Pangyuan Leasing") was established in 2001 with a registered capital of 2.258 billion yuan and total assets of nearly 10 billion yuan. It is mainly engaged in construction engineering, energy engineering, transportation engineering and other national and local key infrastructure construction. The rental service, installation, dismantling and maintenance of the required construction machinery and equipment, with the "Class A Special Equipment Installation, Transformation and Maintenance License" and the "Grade-1 Professional Contracting of Hoisting Equipment Installation Engineering" qualifications, ranking first in the domestic construction machinery service industry front row,
Tiancheng Construction Machinery
Zigong Tiancheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission in June 2015. Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. issued shares to purchase 100% of the company's equity and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. The registered capital was changed to 224.4285 million Yuan. On February 21, 2022, the company decided to change the registered capital to 239.445702 million yuan by shareholders.
Construction Steel Structure
Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd."), founded in 1954, was one of the eight major manufacturing plants in my country's construction machinery entrepreneurial period and one of the five largest metal structure plants in the country. It was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2004 ( Stock code: 600984), the actual controller of the company is Shaanxi Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Construction Mechanization Engineering
Xi'an Heavy Equipment Construction Mechanization Engineering Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary established by Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to extend product services, refine the market, meet the needs of customers at different levels, and integrate effective resources. Mainly engaged in engineering construction, large-scale pavement construction machinery leasing, remanufacturing, spare parts sales, technical consultation and pavement materials processing and sales and other comprehensive service enterprises.